College Admissions Consulting


FLEX Admissions Consulting is comprised of former college admissions officers armed with insider information about the college admissions process. 

Hailing from admissions boards of top colleges like Yale, Harvard, and Stanford, FLEX Consultants know what colleges are looking for in the crowded – equally qualified – applicant pool.

When you enroll with FLEX Admissions Consulting, we remove all the guesswork and replace it with proven expertise and strategies that get results. 

Before you submit your college applications, register for a free 30 minute consultation with a seasoned counselor!


  • Increase competitiveness by developing a comprehensive application strategy
  • Position your child for success through course and major selection
  • Build a strong case for admission by revealing character through activities and leadership skills
  • Cater to academic strengths and personal preferences when assembling a personalized college list
  • Supervise your child’s writing of compelling college essays that tell admissions committees her unique story
  • Oversee interview prep that seals the deal

Get the help and expertise your child deserves.  Schedule a free appointment with a FLEX College Admissions Consultant.  

Got Questions? We Have Answers.

1. FLEX Info Bank is a patent-pending college admissions consulting model that draws on the expertise of former college admissions officers from the nation’s top colleges and universities.

2. FLEX’s Admissions Consulting Team has over 100 years of combined experience in college admissions.

3. FLEX Info Bank: Former Senior Admissions Staff from the most prestigious universities in the U.S. including Stanford, Yale, Harvard and more!

Admissions Consultant

Project Manager who oversees 

the entire process

FLEX TEAM - Specialists

Other specialists
(e.g. Info Bank, Interview Specialists, etc.)

College Essay Instructor

Writing Specialist who manages essay writing

4. FLEX Interview Specialists: Current and former college admissions interviewers
from schools such as Harvard, Yale, U Penn, and Duke.

5. FLEX Application & College Essay Specialists: Professionally trained and educated writers who help students craft the most compelling application stories and essays.

6. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, FLEX has helped tens of thousands
of students across the globe realize their college dreams.

Services provided

Identifies potential majors and career options that could impact the academic profile.

Evaluates math and English strengths and challenges as they relate to high school coursework. 

Selects courses that will strengthen academic profile

Identify activities that support your story and overall application package

Research and apply to summer programs that reveal and enhance your academic and personal attributes

Presents a polished, focused and professional portrait of the student

Based on diagnostic test results, students are guided in choosing which format – ACT or SAT – better aligns with strengths

Based on overall profile, build a list of safe, target, and reach schools that maximizes success

Identifies and cultivates academic passions that can bolster the academic profile

Identifies and builds soft skills that contribute to strong leadership

Meet Our Consultants!

Daniel Byun

Principal Consultant

  • CEO & Founder
  • World Journal, Korea Daily,
  • India West: Educational
  • Columnist & Consultant
  • Biola University: BS in Business

Dan Kwon

Principal Consultant

• Mission San Jose HS:
Former Volleyball Coach
• Santa Clara University
Law School: JD
• UC Berkeley: BA in English

Tiffany Lu

Principal Consultant

• World Journal:
Educational Columnist
• Stanford University:
BS in Biology

Charles Schoonover

Master Consultant & Essay Instructor

• Stanford University:
Former Development Staff
• USC: MFA in Writing
• Stanford University:
BA in American Studies

Henry Kim

Principal Consultant

• FLEX Bangkok:
Executive Director
• UC Berkeley:
BA in Religious Studies

Judy Liang

Master Consultant

• Harvard College:
Admissions Interviewer
• UCLA: MA in Education
• Harvard University:
BA in Social Studies

Lydia Ahn

Principal Consultant

• UCLA: College
Counseling Certificate
• Harvard University:
MA in Architecture
• U Penn:
BA in Architecture

Ben Robbins

Master Consultant

• Yale University:
Admissions Interviewer
• Yale University:
BS in Sociology

Janet Kwon

Master Consultant

• Harvard College:
Admissions Interviewer
• Harvard University:
• Smith College:
BA in Education

John Tsai

Principal Consultant

• U Penn:
Former Admissions Staff
• UC Berkeley:
BS in Chemistry

Lynea Diaz-Hagan

Master Essay Specialist

• UCLA: MFA in Writing
• Yale: BA in English

Christian lee

Principal Consultant

• FLEX Korea:
Executive Director
• Chosun Daily:
Educational Columnist
• University of Chicago:
BS in Economics

“Princeton is a go! There are no words to describe the gratitude my parents and I have for FLEX. The college application seem like a daunting obstacle at times, and you guided me through impeccably. . . “

Christine F. - Student at Princeton

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